Veteran asks for the safe return of therapy horse

Sauk Co. officials still look for horses missing since March 14
Veteran asks for the safe return of therapy horse

When Angie Joseph returned from military deployment she was anxious to see her horse, Jimmy. The 2-year-old palomino was born to a rescue horse on September Farm, in La Valle. Joseph quickly became attached to the horse.

“Galloping and running through the pasture, he caught my eye. I just love horses, and he was full of spirit,” Joseph said.

Joseph, a veteran who has served for 27 years, named the horse Jimmy as a way of honoring another veteran.

“He is named after one of my very, very good friends who had died back around Desert Storm time,” Joseph said.

Jimmy is a therapy horse and part of the Veterans Equine Trail Services program. The organization offers equine therapy to veterans and police officers. For veterans of war, they find peace in a horse.

Early on the morning of March 14, that was taken from them as Jimmy and another rescue horse, Vicki, were stolen, it is believed. Vicki was used as a therapy horse by a police officer.

“When I came home from my deployment I went up to the farm to see him, and he wasn’t there. It was devastating,” Joseph said.

She and others searched the 70-acre farm and were unable to find either horse. There were no gates found open, and none of the fences were broken. Investigators with the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department are looking into the disappearance of the horses.

“Not knowing where he’s at and how he’s being cared for breaks my heart, and I really just want him back,” Joseph said.

Anyone with information about the two horses is asked to contact the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department.