Verona school referendums worth $180M pass

Verona school referendums worth $180M pass
Verona High School

Verona Area School District’s three referendums passed in Tuesday night’s election.

The referendums total more than $180 million. With all three approved, property taxes are expected to increase $197.50 on the average home, worth about $250,000, right away.

Taxes will increase another $145 on the average home once the new high school is built in 2020. That means the total property taxes paid by the average homeowner in 2020 will be $342.50.

The first question asked whether voters want the district to build a new high school and renovate the current high school to serve as the new Badger Ridge Middle School for a total of more than $160 million. Seventy-three voters said yes.

The second question asked if residents want the district to build a new swimming pool and athletic fields at the new high school. Sixty-one percent of voters said yes to the more than $18 million proposal.

The third question proposed increased operating costs associated with the new facilities, to which 65 percent of voters also said yes.

Verona Superintendent Dean Gorrell said he was happy that the three referendums passed, saying they were designed to help solve the district’s overcrowding issues.