Vandalism affects neighborhood’s rebranding progress

Business in Meadowood neighborhood was vandalized last week, police say
Vandalism affects neighborhood’s rebranding progress

The Meadowood neighborhood’s rebranding suffered a setback last week when vandals tagged a building in the neighborhood with graffiti.

Last week, a business on Raymond Road was tagged and it has some wondering if the improvements in the neighborhood are working.

News 3 talked with neighbors about safety, and some said the recent vandalism is a bad sign, while others said it’s a setback, but hope is not lost.

“I think the neighborhood needs to just stay strong,” said Lisa Veldran, board member of the neighborhood association for the past 17 years, and she has lived in the southwest Madison community for 21 years.”I’m really shocked because we didn’t have that type of tagging in a long time.”

She said the recent acts of vandalism are likely from people who don’t live in the area, and points out the positive things like the Meadow Ridge Library expansion and the building of a community center.

“It’s changing but I think for the better. But we have some neat things that are going on. I love that we are expanded the neighborhood and we are going to have a community kitchen,” Veldran said.

Madison police said the last five to six years the department has made strides improving the quality of life in the area, and they are looking into all leads.

“As far as whether or not this is gang related or gang graffiti that is something that we will investigate and take a look at. We will talk to not only people in the neighborhood, but our contacts within the gang community,” Madison police Lt. Mike Hanson said.

Other neighbors said the vandalism is a sign the neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be, but Veldran said everyone needs to stick together.

“I’m very proud of the neighborhoods in Meadowood. Every step back we take, we take two or three more steps ahead,” Veldran said.

The property manager of the business that was vandalized said they are aware of the problem and they have plans to clean things up soon.

He also said he thinks an increased police presence would help, and he hopes something like this doesn’t happen in the future.