Valentine’s flowers have several meanings

Valentine’s flowers have several meanings

Not sure of the right type of flower to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Roses, of course, are the most popular choice, followed by tulips and carnations.

But with so many different types of flowers to pick from, so to speak, a little lesson in floral etiquette can make your day all the more special.

The floral Web site Flora2000, which facilitates floral deliveries in 150 countries worldwide, has put together a set of etiquette tips for Valentine’s Day, suggesting which flowers would be most appropriate based on your relationship:

Spouse: Rose. Mom: A mix of white, red and pink roses will show love, purity and admiration. New relationship: Pink, orange and yellow roses signifying happiness, a desire to get to know the person better and friendship respectively. Red would say “I love you” which might not be appropriate for a new relationship. Secret crush: Agapanthis and Gardenia.

Flora2000 said that depending on what color rose you select for your valentine, it may not convey the meaning you intended. The site said these are the most commonly accepted meaning for each color rose:

Red: Love. Yellow: Friendship but also considered to show jealousy at times. White: Peace and humility. Pink: Happiness. Peach: Sympathy or gratitude.

Also, the site suggested that some flowers should never be given to your valentine. First remember not give anything that is black in color. Also never give withered flowers. Here are the symbolic meanings of these specific flowers you should avoid giving.

Yellow hyacinth: Jealousy. Geranium: Folly. Striped carnation: Rejection. Sweet Pea: Goodbye. Dark crimson rose: Mourning. Yellow tulips: Hopeless love.