Vacationing police officers help at fiery crash

Couple help rescue driver of crash
Vacationing police officers help at fiery crash

While on vacation in Kentucky, police officers from La Crosse and West Salem helped rescue a driver from a fiery crash.

When La Crosse Police Officer Jovanna Randall and her husband, West Salem Police Officer Jeremy Randall came upon the crash, Jeremy jumped out of the car and ran ahead to help.

Jovanna stayed by the car to do traffic and pedestrian control. Jeremy ran to the tractor to see if he could find the driver, but he couldn’t so he went to the car.

“The car was on fire and they needed to get the driver out. The steering wheel was pushing down on her legs and Jeremy and two other men were able to pull her out of the car. She was unable to move herself because she had multiple compound fractures to her arms and legs,” Jovanna said.

The whole lower portion of the motor was on fire when they moved her to the side of the road. Then they had to move her further away from the car because the fire was quickly growing.

“Jeremy noticed a cement truck near the front of front of stopped traffic and waved him over, knowing he would have a fire extinguisher. The driver said he had a water hose and using that, Jeremy put the fire out on the car,” Jovanna said.

Jeremy and an off-duty Kentucky State Trooper found the driver at a nearby house. He had second and third degree burns all over. They walked him to the ambulance so he could receive medical attention.