UWPD warns of buying tickets online for Badgers v. Duke game

Single ticket to Wednesday's game on sale for $1,000 on Craigslist, police say
UWPD warns of buying tickets online for Badgers v. Duke game

University of Wisconsin-Madison police are warning prospective Badgers basketball ticket buyers to beware of buying tickets online for Wednesday’s game versus Duke.

According to a release from UWPD, the top price on Craigslist for a single ticket to the game is $1,000.

“The UW-Madison Police Department is asking fans to think twice before shelling out hundreds of dollars for a ticket that might be worth nothing,” the release said.

Officials said counterfeit tickets are a problem at all sporting events, but are an even bigger problem for higher-profile events like Wednesday’s game.

Here are some tips from UWPD on buying tickets for the game:

Know who you’re buying from. Trust the source of the tickets. If you don’t know the seller (or if you are selling and you don’t know the buyer), be sure to find a safe, public location for the transaction.
Know the laws. According to UW Administrative codes, selling UW tickets for higher than face value is illegal. It’s also illegal to sell any tickets on UW-Madison property. The City of Madison also has a ticket-scalping ordinance.
If possible, get as much information about the seller as possible, so you can follow up in case there are issues with the tickets. If you purchase tickets online, be sure to do so from a reputable and legitimate vendor. UW Athletics does have a partnership with StubHub.com. If you purchase a ticket(s) from someone on the street, there’s a chance the tickets could be counterfeit. Report any suspicious or unlawful ticket sales to the nearest police officer, or call 911.

UWPD will have a special ticket enforcement team out working for the Wisconsin vs. Duke game to ensure ticket sellers are obeying campus and local laws, according to the release.