UW-Madison to increase testing frequency for Witte, Sellery residents amid uptick in COVID-19 cases


MADISON, Wis. — University of Wisconsin-Madison officials plan to increase the frequency of COVID-19 tests for some Witte and Sellery residents in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the residence halls.

UW-Madison Director of Communications Meredith McGlone did not specify how often those students would be tested as part of the spread reduction effort.

Both Witte and Sellery were required to quarantine for two weeks due to a coronavirus outbreak at the start of the semester.

“We’ve been expressing concern for several weeks now, along with local and state leaders, about the continuing spike in COVID-19 cases in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin,” McGlone said in an email. “It is unfortunately not surprising that we are also seeing an increase in positivity rates on campus, although our rates continue to be below the surrounding community.”

While McGlone did not provide details on the specifics of the adjusted testing plan, she did say that the results of tests conducted last week indicated that isolating students who tested positive and quarantining their close contacts is enough to prevent the spread of cases in the residence halls.

Similar steps were taken in Ogg and Witte residence halls last week, according to McGlone.

“We cannot emphasize enough: all of us at UW must take this very seriously and strictly follow public health guidelines,” McGlone said. “That includes avoiding gathering with anyone outside your household, wearing face coverings unless alone in your room/office and frequently washing/sanitizing your hands.”