UW, City ask for resident help on Library Mall design

Construction could start next spring
UW, City ask for resident help on Library Mall design

After almost two years of construction, Madison residents and UW students are finally getting a glimpse of what a new State Street Mall could look like.

UW held an open meeting tonight at the Memorial Union asking for public input and answering questions for multiple designs. Plans for the joint space between the 700 block of State Street and Park Street were explained to about a dozen people.

According to Madison’s Principle Planner, Bill Fruhling, the last two blocks of State Street are under city jurisdiction. Everything west, is owned by the University.

Residents and students have asked more lights be put in to make the mall safer at night. Fruhling said there are also plans to add a bike lane and more shade for pedestrians. He added there will also be a new design to manage food cart lines.

According to planners, the design between the two spaces will be a coherent space that embodies the community spirit that comes from students and residents sharing Library Mall.

Fruhling said the city has $5 million set aside in it’s 2014 budget for construction. UW did not have a line in it’s budget for renovations to the mall.

The city hopes to start construction next spring.

There will be another public meeting sometime in mid-October when designs are closer to being finalized.