UW Bookstore pulls Nigel Hayes-inspired ‘stenographer T-shirt’

UW Bookstore pulls Nigel Hayes-inspired ‘stenographer T-shirt’

The University Bookstore has pulled a T-shirt based on Nigel Hayes’ interactions with the NCAA stenographer.

The “Stenographer T-shirt” featured words Hayes said during news conferences to stump the stenographer after he and other players became fascinated with the job.

The UW Bookstore produced about 200 shirts and sold about half of them, officials said. People who bought the shirt do not have to return them.

A bookstore spokesperson said they talked with the university about pulling the T-shirts, but they did not talk with the NCAA. They also said the NCAA did not contact about the shirts, they pulled them because they didn’t want to break any NCAA rules.

Bookstore officials said they do not think pulling the shirts will hurt sales since most of their sales is coming from Final Four T-shirts right now.