Use direct deposit to get faster return

Use direct deposit to get faster return
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If you are expecting an income tax refund, you can count on getting it more quickly if you have authorized direct deposit into your bank account. Here are some reasons why direct deposit may be the best choice for you:

Speed: It is the fastest way to get your refund back to you.

Secure: Since your refund goes directly into the account you specify, there is no opportunity for it to be lost or stolen in the mail.

Convenient: There is no need to religiously check your mail for the refunds and then take the time to deposit the checks once you have them. It will just be in your account!

Options: You are able to specify how much goes where. You can deposit it all into one account or several such as checking, savings, health, education and certain retirement accounts.

Saves Money: While it may seem small, direct deposit does save tax payers money every year by saving on the check printing fees.