Unlucky ducks: Animal control rescues ducks from green roof of Madison’s Central Library

MADISON, Wis. — Some local ducks found themselves out of luck when they got stuck on the green roof at Madison’s Central Library on Monday.

In an email to News 3 Now Monday afternoon, Central Library marketing specialist Liz Boyd said an administrator saw the mother duck and four ducklings on the roof making their way toward a solar array. That staffer called animal control, which arrived about 15 minutes later.

“Our security person brought them up, I told them the ducks were under the solar array, and they quickly collected the ducklings into a net and stowed them in a small animal carrier,” the staffer reported. “The mama duck panicked and flew down to the sidewalk on street level. Our security and Animal Control rushed down, babies chirping in the carrier the whole way down, and mama and babies were reunited.”


The incident isn’t the first time ducks have tried to make a home on the open-air green roof; earlier this year, animal control officers rescued a family of eight ducks that had also nested near the solar array.