U.S. reps Pocan, Steil react to House passing Build Back Better plan

Steil And Pocan

MADISON, Wis. — Southern Wisconsin’s representatives in Congress are reacting after the House passed President Biden’s Build Back Better plan Friday morning.

Democrat Mark Pocan of Madison and Republican Bryan Steil of Janesville again found themselves on opposite ends of the vote, with Pocan voting in favor and Steil voting against the plan. The bill passed on a near-party-line vote of 220-213.

“This transformational bill will help families across the country. Tens of millions of American families will get a tax break. It lowers the cost of childcare for parents and prescription drugs for seniors. It creates millions of jobs, many of which tackle climate change. And it’s paid for by the wealthy and corporations who have not paid their fair share of taxes,” Pocan said in a statement after the package passed.

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The House’s bill includes a wide range of changes to taxation, health care, energy, climate change, family services, education and housing.

Steil, meanwhile, says the plan costs too much and claimed it “ignored the priorities of the American people.”

“At a time when prices are rising, employers are struggling to find workers, and our border is wide open, President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are rushing through trillions of dollars in new social spending that will increase the size, scale, and scope of our federal government,” Steil’s statement read.

The bill is likely to be changed significantly and pared down in the Senate.

“This wildly popular agenda that the American people will benefit from is one step closer to the finish line,” Pocan said. “I urge my colleagues in the Senate to get this bill done and send it to the President’s desk as soon as possible.”