Two different groups rally for change at Wisconsin State Capitol


MADISON, Wis.– Two different groups protested on opposite sides of the Wisconsin State Capitol Saturday afternoon. One side, Dane County Candidates and Activists, said they’re taking back the community. The other, Impact Demand, said they are the community.

Dane County Candidates and Activists are speaking out against current local leadership, expressing frustration with recent decisions.

“We expect more from our government,” Phil Anderson, a candidate for Wisconsin’s 47th Assembly District, said. “The idea that (law enforcement) should be completely defunded or that the governor or mayor should just completely stand down and let businesses be destroyed isn’t the answer.”

Terry Lyon, a candidate for Wisconsin’s 46th Assembly District said he blames the Democratic Party for racism in America.

“(Democrats) target minorities and then they act like they’re on their side,” Lyon said. “We need to be brought together. Somebody who is Black, female, whatever excuse that is used to tear us apart. We need to put that aside we are all human beings. We need to look at each other treat others as human beings.”

Impact Demand is also fighting for change.

“They’re not taking back anything,” Impact Demand Co-Founder Ayomi Obuseh said. “This is us.”

The group is supporting Travis Washington’s effort to get justice through legislation.

“This law is for all the people, no matter if they’re Brown, Black or white, to get justice,” Washington said. “It is not okay for police officers to shoot people who are unarmed.”

More than 2.7 million people already signed a petition to make the Hands Up Act into law. If successful, the act would require a 15-year mandatory prison sentence for any police officer who shoots a person without a weapon.

The Hands Up Act is one of Impact Demand’s three demands.

“We’re trying to make progress in the most peaceful way as possible,” Impact Demand Co-Founder De’Asia Donaldson. “Madison is lucky that Black and Brown people are not seeing revenge, but they’re seeking justice and equality.”

Both groups encourage people to vote in the November election.