Twins give birth to babies 8 hours apart

Twins give birth to babies 8 hours apart

When you hear the word twins you think similarities and like personalities, but a bizarre coincidence has now brought fraternal twins from our area even closer together.

Being twins, Angel Owen and Kaye Henn shared a lot in life and their parents even dressed them in similar outfits early on. But once they hit their teenage years, they started to be more independent and to have different experiences — until recently, when they both found out they were having a baby.

Call it a mother’s intuition or an instinct.

“All the way through their pregnancy I told them,” said Angie Marcou, Angel and Kaye’s mother.

Marcou had a feeling from the beginning.

“The thing is when they first found out they were pregnant, I told them, yeah they are going to have twins and they are going to have them on the same day,” said Marcou.

 Angel and Kaye found out early on that wasn’t the case.

“They found out they were having one and they were like see mom your theory isn’t going to work,” said Marcou.

But little did Angel and Kaye know their moms prediction about same day delivery was almost spot on.

“She found out she was pregnant first, she told me about it,” said Kaye.

“A couple weeks later I go to meet up with my sister and she was like I’m pregnant,” said Angel.

Angel’s and Kaye’s due dates were two weeks apart but on Sunday, Oct. 11 that all changed.

“I was out of it, I was in labor,” said Kaye.

Because it was Kaye’s first child, Angel knew she wanted to be there.

“I went to visit her,” said Angel.

But within hours, Angel knew something wasn’t right with herself.

“I’m sitting on the couch with Angel and she is sitting there and squeezing my hand and pulling my hand,” said Marcou.

“I thought OK I am having a couple of contractions. We are just going to wait it out because I wanted my sister to go first since she started first,” said Angel.

But the contractions started to get worse, so she decided to leave Kaye and her dad at Mayo Clinic Health System and go with her mom to Gundersen Health System to get checked out.

“I wanted to be at two places at once but that’s not possible,” said Jerry Henn, Angel and Kaye’s father.

“I said I will be back depending on how this goes,” said Marcou.

But when Angel and her mom pulled up to Gundersen, Angel’s water broke as soon as she got out of the truck. Now she was in labor at the same time as her twin sister.

“My ex-husband and I get along really well so we are calling each other, texting each other, finding out who is doing what,” said Marcou.

Angel gave birth to a baby boy named Cruze around 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11.

Kaye’s didn’t go as quickly.

“Kaye was almost 24 hours for delivery,” said Henn.

Around 1:53 a.m. Kaye gave birth to a baby girl named Elena on Oct. 12, only eight hours apart from her sister.

And it turns out Grandma Angie wasn’t too far off on her predictions from the start.

Angel lives in Holmen and Kaye lives in Prairie du Chien but they both say they hope to see each other more often now because of their kids being so close in age.     

Angel and baby Cruze have been released from the hospital. Kaye and baby Elena are expected to be released by the end of the week.