Try your hand at blanket knitting through a virtual class

Take a hand-knitting tutorial (that includes all materials needed) with Laura Stiebs Kang.
Laura Stiebs Kang

As the weather gets colder, it may seem like you can never have enough blankets to keep those winter chills at bay. Luckily, Laura Stiebs Kang’s virtual blanket-making classes will help you stay plenty warm this season. 

Through Kang’s Zoom-based class, you can learn how make a chunky, hand-knit blanket you might just fall in love with. 

Kang’s next class is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 10 via Zoom. Sales have ended for this specific date, but she plans to continue with classes again after the holidays. If you’re looking for a more private setting for you and some friends, you can book a private party. 

No matter when you get around to making your own blanket this season, Kang tries to make the process as easy as possible — from registration to final product. 

After buying your ticket for $80 on eventbrite, you get your pick from a whole rainbow of colors, including dark gray, cranberry, sage, mustard, country blue, pale pink oatmeal/ivory and navy. Then, after you’ve bought your ticket and picked your favorite color — or the favorite color of a family member or friend who just so happens to love cozy things — Kang sends exactly what you’ll need to make the blanket in the mail. All that’s left to do is join the class, learn how to make your own hand-knit chunky blanket and enjoy. 

Blanket Box

Photo courtesy of Laura Stiebs Kang

The blanket box sent to customers to make their own product.

Kang knows that hosting these classes virtually is a bit more complicated than hosting them in person, but she still feels that having things like this, especially now, is so important. 

“Right now we all need connection, even though we physically have to be separated,” she says. “Also, this is one of those very feel-good activities, where we’re having fun, we’re enjoying ourselves while we’re doing it, then you get this product that you can take home or give to someone that they will enjoy.”

For her, the chance to make people feel good has expanded outside of her normal zoom classes. 

“I just recently created a blanket for a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. She can’t have anyone with her, she’s doing it all on her own,” Kang adds. “So having something like this blanket to have with her, that was given to her by her friends, it’s a little bit more peace of mind.” 

Part of the appeal of the class, other than having fun, is that it truly makes blanket-making easy, even for those who aren’t so crafty. If you’re really not into that sort of thing, Kang also runs an online Etsy shop, called Velvet and Wool, where she sells her own handmade chunky blankets. 

Though Kang loves hosting the classes, she wouldn’t call herself a crafter — her true passion is actually party planning. But when COVID-19 hit and it became apparent she wouldn’t be hosting a party anytime soon, Kang went a different route. 

“I wanted to fill my time with something that was enjoyable and also brought some extra beauty into my home,” Kang says.

For any questions about her blankets or classes, or to schedule your private class, contact Kang via email at

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