Triathlon Promotes Kids Health

WISC-TV and Dean Clinic is getting families motivated all year long to fight childhood obesity.

With Ironman in mind on Sunday, a special event is keeping kids and families moving Saturday morning.

The 2011 Iron Kids giving 350 children a healthy challenge. A triathlon that motivates and inspires children to live active lifestyles.

Children ages six to 15 feel a sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line.

“Everybody is a winner here at Ironkid and some kids will go out to compete in other marathons and triathlon events.Other kids are just out to have fun,” Ironkids Sponsor Rob Budd said.

Parents of participants say the event brings many benefits for kids

“Well we think it’s a great way to keep them active and healthy and have some fun competition,” Mindi Giftos said.

Before the race, families received information about training kids for the event and tips for healthy eating.