Transform Your House to Your Ideal Home

Design with style that is timeless rather than trendy.
Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

Renovate for You
Sometimes getting the most bang for your buck means doing renovations that transform a house into your dream home.

At Dream House Dream Kitchens, every renovation is designed with you in mind. While renovating kitchens and master bathrooms certainly adds more monetary value to a home, Jerry Schmidt, Dream Team sales director, cautions against spending too much time worrying about future buyers: “If you are going to spend the time, energy and money on a great renovation, spend it on yourself first because renovations take a lot of work. And by the time you are done, you want to feel the value that you put into the house went in for you. You get to live in the house, and you will enjoy your house more if it suits you and reflects your tastes and styles.”

From the get-go, Dream House Dream Kitchens ensures all renovation projects will work for you. While conducting your home visit, your individual design team will take photos and measurements of the area. And later at the showroom, the team will help you create a list of must-haves fitting your budget. Afterwards, the team makes a 2D floor plan of your space or 3D renderings that depict materials and colors, helping you to visualize the final look.

Over the past year or two, we’ve spent more time in our houses. “Thus, people are reevaluating their time at home more,” says Schmidt. “It may be that many people used to use the kitchen sparingly. It was an in and out kind of thing. And now, more people are hosting and entertaining in their own dining and kitchen spaces rather than going out.” Dream House Dream Kitchens can help you explore creative ways to approach your home differently. Consider cultivating more standing spaces with the addition of a walkup bar. Perhaps you might want custom cabinetry designed to fit your preferred style and look. Always on top of the latest trends, your dream team works with you to get the latest architectural features and must-haves.

Window Design Center


Windows are the Jewelry of Your Home’s Exterior
Thinking about renovating your home’s exterior for the purposes of reselling? Or perhaps you would like to usher in more natural light with new trending windows. The professionals at Window Design Center from Zuern will work with you to find the windows of your dreams. “We really like to spend time with the client in individualized sessions,” says Jeff Van De Hey, general manager. “The showroom is fully stocked with today’s trending window designs, including popular bronze or black frames and windows with fewer panes that offer up better and larger unobstructed views — all the things that Window Design Center specializes in.”

Of course, when selecting windows, there is much to consider. If you’re thinking about swapping out old windows for new ones because you want to increase the value of your home, imagine how the change will impact the house. “Say you have a darker space. Will bringing in more light improve this area?” asks Van De Hey. “Will bringing in a larger window do the trick? Can you add more light in the kitchen, more daylight, which will be more beneficial to you but also make a grand impression on a potential future buyer?”

The best window renovations bring more of the outside in. “We have seen so much growth opportunity in our large patio door offerings. People just want to open up a space. This might mean putting on a three-season room or screening in an area. Both are big-impact ideas that can increase the value of a home. Bringing in the outdoors is about creating that additional living space. More people want to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their homes.”

Plus, “windows are the jewelry of the home,” says Van De Hey. “We are seeing a lot of homes being renovated for modern looks — square black frames that give clean lines.” Windows can really be the final touch in the perfect home renovation project. “Modern windows help make a home’s exterior pop.” Window Design Center can help you increase the value of your home or improve the functionality of your space, while offering the best high-end products.



The Best Floors Look Timeless
For the greatest return on investment in your floor renovations, choose styles that are timeless rather than trendy.

At FLOOR360, the goal is to provide a full design experience that is customer-focused, collaborative, creative and hassle-free. In your private appointment with a designer on the team, skilled interior designers will cover all the basics going into the straightforward installation process, along with design tips and tricks for getting the best floors to suit your goals.

For example, did you know hardwood flooring consistently adds value to homes for those wanting to eventually resell? But you will want to select a style that will endure beyond today’s fads. Jen Fickling, director of residential sales, explains: “The popular sizes and colors of hardwood floors change and evolve with the times, so you may want to look for something that is more timeless than trendy. Currently, the style is wider and longer boards in lighter shades of blond or honey-colored wood.” However, luxury vinyl plank and laminate wood looks provide all the beauty of hardwood with more durability and water-resistant properties for active households with kids and pets. In other words, you can get the classic hardwood look that increases the value of your home without worrying about scratches or other damage.

Think of your floor renovation as a way to create spaces that have flexibility and multifunctionality. With more people finding themselves at home, many have realized that certain spaces need to have dual functions, says Fickling: “For instance, the dining room area may become a classroom. This explains the continued preference for wood looks in laminate and vinyl. Households realize that multifunctional spaces need durable, scratch-resistant, yet beautiful floors.” If you want to usher in a touch of softness, “It’s easy to add in a custom area rug,” says Fickling. “Soft and tactile materials are now as important to homeowners as a natural color palette.” One of FLOOR360’s specialties is custom carpet stair runners. “Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create a design moment in your home.”

Hooper Corporation


Live, Sleep and Breathe Easier
Home improvements come in a variety of forms that often enhance the physical beauty of your house, yet sometimes the wisest investments are those not seen, but felt. Is your home too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer? Is the quality of air you breathe the best that it can be? Investing in a premium heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system not only improves overall comfort and temperature control, it also increases energy efficiency and provides substantial savings to your monthly gas and electric bill. As temperatures begin to drop, now is a great time to make sure your system is in top shape for winter in Wisconsin.

“Our service professionals help clients improve the quality and comfort of
their living environments in less visible ways with a variety of options
to fit their budget.”

–Brad Werlein, Vice President, Hooper corporation

Hooper’s HVAC Service Division, formerly known as General Heating and Air Conditioning (GHAC), has been providing these home comfort improvements for more than 75 years.

“When people think about remodeling, they often focus on visual updates like new paint colors, cabinets or flooring,” says Hooper Vice President Brad Werlein. “Our service professionals help clients improve the quality and comfort of their living environments in less visible ways with a variety of options to fit their budget.”

As a homeowner, the best way to ensure your HVAC system is working at peak performance is to schedule an annual safety check and precision tune-up. Hooper’s Home Comfort Program provides routine maintenance and discounted priority service to increase efficiency and reduce or eliminate costly repairs. The free program’s cost savings can really add up over time, plus members receive $50 accrual savings each year of membership toward a new furnace and air conditioner.

In addition to quality HVAC service, residential customers can also benefit from Hooper’s professional plumbing expertise, thanks to its newly expanded service division. For more than 25 years, Hooper and GHAC have worked together on both residential and well-known commercial projects such as Epic and Overture Center. In November, the two companies combined on one new campus under one unified brand: Hooper. For more information on HVAC and plumbing services for your home or business, visit