Town of Beloit says it ‘won’t be bullied’ by the City of Beloit

Town of Beloit says it ‘won’t be bullied’ by the City of Beloit

The Town of Beloit is not interested in the City of Beloit’s proposal for annexation.

Last Wednesday, the city released a press report suggesting the annexation of the town into the city as an alternative to the town’s proposal to incorporate a section of the town as a village. This proposal was rejected by the town today in a separate release Tuesday.

“The Town of Beloit will no longer be bullied and no amount of misinformation or politically-charged rhetoric from the City of Beloit will change that fact,” the Town of Beloit said in a release. “We are our own community with our own identity and fully, high-functioning services.”

One of the City of Beloit’s primary reasons for annexation was that it would reduce the redundancies in metropolitan government, according to the city’s release. As of now, the municipalities maintain separate police and fire departments, which city officials said is more costly than is necessary.

The Town of Beloit says the town does not wish to have an adversarial relationship with the City of Beloit, but that it is disappointed in the negative campaign of the city.