Top accessories for runners

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Whether you’re a serious or a moderate runner, accessories can help make your run safer and more enjoyable.

Take a look at some of the top accessories for runners:

MP3 player: Listening to music can help make a run more enjoyable. If you find a small, lightweight player can you clip it to your attire and won’t even know it’s there while you run.

Water bottle: To be safe and prevent hydration, you should always carry a water bottle with you.

Heart rate monitor: All runners should consider wearing a heart rate monitor. This will allow to know how fast your heart is beating so you can monitor if it’s beating too fast or too slow.

Hat clip light: This item is key for your safety. It will not only allow you to see where you’re going, it will make sure oncoming traffic can see you as well.

Reflective bands, clothing: If you’re running at night, consider wearing reflective items to allow oncoming traffic to see you.

Stopwatch: To keep track of your time, carry a stopwatch with you during your runs.