Tips to improve your golf swing

Tips to improve your golf swing
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Just about every golfer has struggled with his or her golf swing at one time. To improve your game follow these tips on how to improve your golf swing.

Get the correct grip: Hold your hands in a neutral position when gripping the club. Put your lead hand on the club first, pointing the “V” made by your thumb and index finger toward your back shoulder. Then place your dominant hand on the club, below your other hand, while keeping it in the neutral position. You can then lock your hands together by using one of a few grips: overlapping, interlocking or a baseball grip.

Check your stance: If you draw an imaginary line from the tee to the pin, you want to align your body and the ball on that line. Once you’re lined up, then spread your feet about a shoulder-width apart, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet while keeping a slight bend in your knees. You then want to bend at the hips and keep your back straight. It’s also important to keep your body relaxed.

Swinging fundamentals: When you go to hit the ball, make sure you pivot your shoulders on your backswing, shifting your weight from your back foot and forming an “L” with your front arm. On the downswing, straighten your front arm as you approach the ball and shift your weight to your front foot.

Improve your rhythm: Once you get the motion of your swing down, try to work on the rhythm of your swing. This will help prevent you from rushing your swing.

Add more power: To add more power to your swing, work on swinging the club over your shoulder than behind your body.

Getting out of the rough: To improve your shots from the rough, work on altering your stance and grip. When hitting from the rough, spread your feet wider than you would on the tee and grip your club more firmly. Also try to stand closer to the ball and try to hit the ball at an angle.

Getting out of a sand trap: If you find your ball stuck in a sand trap, use the same tips you’d use to get your ball out of the rough. However, make sure you are selecting a club that will allow you to lift the ball out of the bunker, and also consider burying your feet in the sand to get a good stance if you need to.