Tiny Wisconsin airport near golf course scores $4M

Tiny Wisconsin airport near golf course scores $4M

A tiny airport in central Wisconsin that’s seen an influx of private jets since a new world-class golf course opened nearby would get $4 million in improvements under funding slipped into the state budget.

The funding approved by the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee comes after the developer of the Sand Valley Golf Resort, Michael Keiser, donated $25,000 to the state Republican Party in February.

That donation was three weeks after Gov. Scott Walker released his budget without funding for Wisconsin Rapids’ Alexander Field. Keiser has given at least $65,000 to Walker and Wisconsin Republicans since 2012.

Mike Browne with the liberal group One Wisconsin now said Friday it looks like Keiser’s donations led to winning the money for the airport.

But Republican state Rep. Scott Krug says increased traffic at the airport necessitated the upgrades.