Time for Kids: Creating a container garden

Time For Kids Keys To Health

Kids are naturally intrigued by projects they can do with you. Why not make this the year of learning to grow a vegetable garden using pots and containers? They’ll have fun spending time with you, learning something new and experiencing the thrill of eating food they’ve had a hand in creating. As the weather warms up, now is the perfect time to start planning.

“It can be a simple process like taking them to your local garden center and having them pick out the seeds they want to grow,” says SSM Health Family Physician Dr. Roopa Shah. “Starting a container garden can be really great for kids. It gives them control over the types of foods that are grown and that they eat. It gives them a sense of responsibility and how to care for something they can water every day and nurture.”

If they decide to choose vegetable plants rather than starting from seed, that’s fantastic too! A little head start on the growing process reduces the wait time for harvesting and that could be just what your first-time gardener needs. Early progress is very encouraging at any stage of life.

Once they make their selections, do a little research together on how to care for the plants they’ve chosen. You may consult an expert at the garden center to make sure the selections will be good companions if you’re planning on putting them in the same pot.

When vegetables are ready to be picked, commemorate the special day by creating a meal using the harvest. Those who are picky eaters may be willing to try foods they wouldn’t normally eat. Plus, your kids will be exceptionally proud of the job they accomplished over the growing season.

SSM Health and News 3 Now recently launched our Time for Kids: Keys to Health campaign. The first key to unlocking a healthier world we’re focused on is sustainability. Gardening is a great way to care for the Earth while also caring for your family’s well-being.