Throw the ultimate girls night with these local items

A barware set, pair of slippers and a face mask walk into a girls night …

We have had to say goodbye to the IRL happy hours spent chugging margaritas and downing tacos with the girls, but can now re-introduce ourselves to the world of home entertainment. Small group gatherings can be fun aplenty, especially if you set the mood with culinary and beauty items fit for royalty.

Stock up on whatever catches your eye at these Madison vendors and let’s usher in an era of the responsibly chic girls night. (Gender conformity not necessary!)

The Vibes: Every GNO (now GNI, girls night in) connoisseur knows that aesthetics matter when planning a get-together. Hanging a snarky sign like this one from the Red Barn Company Store will add a homey touch to whomever’s living room or basement your pals pile into. A salt lamp plug-in is cute and cleanses the air, and planters from Booth121 — filled with some gorgeous Wildewood plants, perhaps like this hoya or ZZ plant — will round out your boho theme. Minimalist wooden plates from Good Day Shop are ready to be filled with some kickass snacks, right alongside some Frank Lloyd Wright inspired glasses containing your favorite sips. Toss some of these cozy, recycled blankets on a vintage chair or ottoman from Rewind Decor (just check out how cool this velvet seat and wicker set-up are) to snuggle up and hunker in. For a final touch, fill this sophisticated vase with a preserved bouquet from Dried Flowers Forever.

The Food: Exponentially more important than the vibes at girls night is the food. Munch to your heart’s content with the help of Fromagination, which is pretty much a one-stop-shop for your charcuterie needs. Start with a hand-woven placemat from Bungalow608, and stack up your cheese boards for grazing. This kit of three artisanal cheeses and accompaniments is a quick-and-easy choice, or you can pick and choose from the extensive gallery of Wisconsin cheeses. Keep it going with a summer sausage or other charcuterie meat, with crackers, crostini and dried fruit slices on the side. Smearable accompaniments, from raw honey to pear preserves and orange marmalade, are highly recommended for a truly diverse board of snacks. Later on, get the night poppin’ with a bag of Clary’s Old Fashioned Gourmet Popcorn and treat yourselves to a two-pint-strong Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. sundae kit.

The Drinks: Bottoms up, ladies, gents and 21 and older folks in the greater Madison area: It’s time to talk drinks. Muddle your way through fancy cocktails with this rose gold barware set, and add some zest with the help of this adorable cacti-shaped juicer. Non-drinkers can snag a vanilla cream soda, root beer or ginger soda made in-house by Vintage Brewing Co. Those who dabble in the booze world can order cocktail kits from a slew of local restaurants and bars, including margs from Canteen, boilermakers from Gib’s, Old-Fashioneds from Merchant and negronis from Cento. A whisky lover kit from Nineteen09 — containing whiskey stones and tumblers — will be able to keep even your most pretentious friends pleased.

The To-Dos: You might end up spending most of your time catching up, but having a few activities on deck is key to a next-level girls night. Artsy folks can pick one of the many at-home craft kits from Revel, teaching you and your gal pals how to make string art, jewelry and leather gifts on your own time. A mini projector will allow your group to settle down with your sitcom of choice, and a “drunk ideas” journal can record all of your epiphanies if things get a little wild. Nail polish kits from Laquerus are an option if you think you can keep yourselves from spilling, and the hyperlocal board games Super Badgers and Wiscongo can instill a bit of friendly competition. Have friends outside your bubble that couldn’t make it? Check in virtually with one of these device holders from Little Luxuries, made specifically for video chats.

The Feel-Good Goods: Get cozy and lather up with all the smells and beauty products you could desire — you know your friends (and you!) deserve it. First, slip into a matching set of PJs from La Lingerie and strike a pose in these silky soft robes to live out your Victoria’s Secret fashion show fantasy. Patterned socks for every personality are available at ZipDang! and these faux cow print fur slippers are equally a-moo-sing and comfortable for lounging around. Need another layer? Try these cute hoodies. The Soap Opera’s scented sachets will transport you to the tropics, a blossoming garden or Paris in no time. Outfit your precious face — after a good roll with this rose quartz facial massager — with lavender and eucalyptus eye pillows for a  bit of toasty warm luxury. Continue the spa day fantasy by detoxing with this matcha face mask, or combat headaches and stress with this relaxation mask. To prepare for the blistering wind and freeze you’ll have to deal with upon the conclusion of girls night, lock in as much hydration as possible with a dreamy jasmine and rose body oil.

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