Three teens arrested in Janesville after allegedly breaking into coin shop

Janesville police car

Janesville police have arrested three teens for allegedly breaking into a coin shop and trying to pay for items at a convenience store with stolen coins.

The teens were arrested just before 2 a.m. Monday at Casey’s General Store in the 1500 block of Center Avenue in Janesville.

According to police, an officer stopped by the convenience store to conduct a business check when he spoke with the clerk. He alerted the officer that three young men were in the store, had just paid for items with some “shiny coins”, and something didn’t seem right.

The police officer determined the three teens burglarized The Coin Shop in the 400 block of West Milwaukee a couple of hours before he started talking to them. Another officer determined there was a forced entry to a window on the north side of the business.

Police said the owner of the coin shop helped with the investigation and determined the only thing stolen were collector coins, all of which were recovered.

The three young men were taken into custody and taken to the police department. A 17-year-old was held at the Rock County Jail on bail jumping charges, while a 15-year-old and 13-year-old were taken to the Rock County Juvenile Detention Center.