This is the world’s tallest sandcastle

There’s a striking new building in Binz, Germany — an architectural marvel complete with turrets, multiple levels and an enviable seaside location.

The twist? It’s made of sand.

At the Sand Sculptures Festival in Binz, on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen, a showstopping 17.66 meter (57.94 feet) sand structure has grabbed the world record for highest sandcastle ever constructed.

The sandcastle’s been in the making since May, scaling gradually dizzier heights and finally toppling the previous record held by a castle built in Duisburg, also in Germany, in 2017 — which was 16.68 meters tall.

Sand structure

The sandcastle competition has been an annual feature on Binz’s social calender since 2010 and each year, tourists flock to see the creative sand sculptures dotted around Binz’s beach.

The German town is a seaside resort known for its sandy beaches — but the sand used for the annual competition is actually imported from the Netherlands, because it’s apparently easier to sculpt.

The level of detail on the Binz sand castle is pretty incredible — it resembles a “Game of Thrones” city, with a dragon at its foot and walls enveloping towering turrets. Several sand artists were involved in bringing it to life.

Organizer Thomas van Dungen was awarded a Guinness World Record certificate in recognition of the achievement.

Still, no sand castle can last forever, so if you want to gawp at this sandy edifice, you’ve got until November to do so.

Tickets are €8.50 euros ($9.60) and €5.50 for children ($6.21).