‘They got picked up and left with another couple’: Son not sure missing parents made it to their destination

WINDSOR, Wis. — The son of a Windsor couple that’s been missing since last week said the couple had plans to visit Langlade County over the Fourth of July weekend, but he isn’t sure when or if they made it there.

Bart and Krista Halderson, 50 and 53, were last seen at their home Thursday, July 1. According to a news release shared by Dane County authorities on Wednesday, there is no vehicle associated with the couple.

Their son, Chandler Halderson, said the couple left for the weekend trip before 6 a.m. Friday.

“They were picked up by their friends, who I never got the name of. I assumed it was someone I was aware of, like close neighbors of theirs up the street, or their best friends down on the east side,” Halderson said. “That’s what I assumed. I didn’t look any more into it. They got picked up and left with another couple.”

Halderson said he got a text from the couple Sunday saying they were heading to White Lake, Wisconsin, but he doesn’t know when the text was sent because of reception issues. He said the couple may have sent the message when they made it to their destination.

Dane County Authorities have not shared any other information.

Anyone with information about their location is asked to contact the Dane County Communication Center or the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line.