‘They are hurting the same people like them’: Triangle Market owners frustrated after weekend of looting

MADISON, Wis. — The Monday after looters broke into businesses on State Street, the owners were left with repairs.

They tried to fix the damage to their shops while handling the damage they felt.

“It’s all our hard work, all hours we put in just to make some money, do something here,” said Ashim Malla, one of the owners of the Triangle Market. “And right in front of our eyes they were like threatening us and smiling and saying there was nothing we could do.”

The market was not the only storefront hit when violent protests took over State Street both Saturday and Sunday. Triangle Market’s neighbors – even the ones that haven’t been targeted yet – were taking precautions, trying to prevent further losses than the ones they’ve had over the last few months.

“We’re trying to get through,” said Joe Perkins, the owner of Tutto Pasta. “The pandemic was terrible, and now we’re going through this, and it’s just, I understand the situation, why it’s happening, but it doesn’t do anybody any good to continue doing what’s going on here.”

That’s how Malla and his wife and business partner Suzy Karki feel too. Being minorities themselves, they understand the anger, but they don’t understand the destruction.

“What? What for?” Malla said. You know, they are hurting the same people like them. And they’re not making any point out of it if they’re going to hurt people like us too.”

Malla and Karki said they have loved the peaceful protests and want those to continue.

“We should be working together to be heard, rather than them just smashing stuff and hurting people like us,” Malla said.