These senators crossed the aisle to vote for plans to reopen gov’t

Two resolutions in the Senate are testing GOP allegiance to Trump
Senate TV via CNN

The Senate held two votes on Thursday for opposing plans to end the longest government shutdown in history, with few members breaking ranks as the shutdown stretched into day 34.

The Republican bill would have reopened government, funded President Donald Trump’s border wall, offered temporary deportation protections and provided disaster aid. It received 50 votes, short of the 60 required to move forward.

The Democratic bill would have reopened the federal government through early February and included $12.1 billion in disaster aid. It received 52 votes, failing to move forward as well.

Neither measure was expected to succeed.

Democrats who voted for GOP proposal:

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin

Republicans who voted against GOP proposal:

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton Utah Sen. Mike Lee

Republicans who voted for Democratic proposal:

Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander Maine Sen. Susan Collins Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski Utah Sen. Mitt Romney