The stars have aligned for new perfume, Eau de Wisconsin

Kristi Moe of the Monroe-based Zodica Perfumery combined more than 200 oils based on Wisconsin's natal chart to create a signature scent.
bottle of perfume
Want to smell like Wisconsin? Zodica Perfumery’s Eau de Wisconsin is the first unisex perfume in a fragrance line that “captures the astrological aura of locations.” It’s a blend of more than 200 oils, including sweet white clover, violet (Wisconsin’s state flower), clementine, cucumber, neroli, green sage, lavender, blackberry, freesia, cedarwood and sandalwood. Kristi Moe owns the Monroe-based Zodica, which specializes in vegan, natural and zodiac-specific scents.
Courtesy of Zodica Perfumery

Want to smell like Wisconsin? Your wish has been granted with Zodica Perfumery’s Eau de Wisconsin. Specializing in vegan, organic and zodiac-specific scents, the local perfume business owned and created by Kristi Moe has launched a unisex fragrance line that “captures the astrological aura of locations.” And, of course, the Monroe, Wisconsin-based business had to start with the dairy state.

We caught up with Moe to get some more info about this new scent.

What are the fragrance notes of Eau de Wisconsin?
Eau de Wisconsin is a blend of over 200 oils including sweet white clover, violet (Wisconsin’s state flower), clementine, cucumber, neroli, green sage, lavender, blackberry, freesia, cedarwood, sandalwood. I selected the oils based on Wisconsin’s natal chart using its founding date (or birthday) of May 29, 1848, and the date its capital (Madison) became a city on March 4, 1856. A natal chart plots the sky when a place is founded. This chart acts like a map and can be read like a story of Wisconsin’s vibe and destiny.

Eau de Wisconsin is a mix of its influential zodiac placements: Gemini (Wisconsin’s Sun + Mercury Sign), Pisces (Madison’s Sun Sign and Wisconsin’s Saturn + Neptune), Aries (Wisconsin’s Midheaven and Moon Sign, Madison’s Rising Sign), Capricorn (Madison’s Midheaven), and Libra (Madison’s Mars Sign). The result is blue-sky lightness wrapped in a warm hug.

When compared, Wisconsin and Madison have an incredible love story, sharing three important trines and two conjunctions. Their connection of ideas, innovations and altruism was destined to embody the state’s motto of “Forward.”

What makes it a unisex fine fragrance?
Eau de Wisconsin is intentionally made for both men and women to enjoy. Although I prefer to think all scents are unisex and that you should simply where whatever you like, many people still consider scents that are overly floral or fruity to be feminine, and anything overly woody or spicy to be masculine. Eau de Wisconsin is an equal blend of both the feminine and masculine. All scents in our new Wanderlust Collection are designed for anyone to wear.

What’s the reception been like?
I conducted an initial test of about 100 consumers (men and women) and it’s been rated overall a nine out of 10. Many people like it just as much as their existing zodiac perfume, or more. I find the reason why it’s rated so highly is because it’s very nuanced with over 200 oils. This creates a more sophisticated scent experience as the notes dry through the layers of top, middle and bottom notes. What I didn’t expect is that I’d have so many interested customers and retailers from outside of Wisconsin. I think the reason for this is that people who already know and love our perfumes are excited to try something new from us. I find this inspiring because we can create this “wanderlust” for our state.

Eau de Wisconsin is nominated for the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin” contest hosted by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

The Wanderlust Collection launched with Eau de New York City at LaGuardia Airport this past June as an exclusive partnership with The Marshall Group and the Manhattan-based Artists & Fleas. Four more locales are planned to launch in the near future including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

And it’s available for purchase now?
Yes available now and in the future (not a limited edition), online at and at various small business boutiques and salons across Wisconsin. Use coupon code “ILOVEWI” for 25% off any Eau de Wisconsin perfume.