The Spam Report: Day #108: Yay for Janet Yellen

There’s been an awful lot of investors around the world watching the actions of the new head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen. Her original remarks discussing the scaling back of the government’s stimulus package roiled the stock market, but politics aside, I have to tell you I love the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.

I mean wouldn’t you be ecstatic too if you got an email from “Mr. John Mike,” ostensibly from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, but I’m crediting Dr. Yellen with this, offering you a “long over due” $30 million. How awesome is this? I’m sure all I have to do is give them my bank account number, routing information, passwords and such, so they can directly transfer those funds to me. I mean, you really don’t want that much cash hanging around, right? Makes more sense to do an electronic transfer.

Unless it doesn’t. Unless you haven’t caught on to my sarcasm throughout.

Don’t fall for this, please. The Federal Reserve does not have $30 million, $30,000 or even $30 for you that is “long over due.” It’s just not going to happen. Sorry about that.

As an aside, if you’re going to make up a fake banker’s identity, I don’t know, but having two generic first names just doesn’t make sense. Make it something more clever like Mr. Cash Green.

Anyhow, if you have an email you want to warn your neighbors about, please send it to me: and we can possibly pass it along to our viewers.

Take care and just hit delete.


From: john mike []
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2014 9:15 AM
Subject: Federal Reserve Bank New York

33 Liberty Street New York, NY 10045 – USA



The management of the Federal Reserve Bank New York writes to inform you of your long over due payment that has been lying wait in the treasury department of the Federal Reserve Bank  for payment. With regards to the approval of your payment as confirmed by the Legal Department of the Federal Reserve Bank New York;Upon the transfer of your total sum into your nominated  banking account, our Bank herein will be transferring this funds to you as was instructed, on the are hereby directed to contact Mr.John Mike for immediate payment as your payment officer with the contact information below:

Contact Person:  Mr. John Mike
Federal Reserve Bank New York
Direct Email: