The road to the B1G West title

Badgers have won three of four West crowns
The road to the B1G West title

The road to the Big Ten West title runs through Wisconsin and Camp Randall. The Badgers have won three of four division titles since the conference went to the East/West format (five of seven overall). The one time the Badgers didn’t win was 2015- when the Hawkeyes won in Madison.

Iowa guard Levi Paulsen wants the Big Ten West trophy, but he also wants to bring the Heartland Trophy back to Iowa City.

“You know what gets me more cranked up? I haven’t seen that bull since 2015,” Paulsen said, pointing to the trophy case. “That thing was settin’ right over here, and it hasn’t been there for a few years. That gets me super motivated.”

Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst said his team’s attitude has been upbeat this week. After last week’s loss to BYU Chryst said his team doesn’t base growth on wins and losses. He wants them to put in the work and see if it translates to the field.

“A season’s a lot like a game. You have ten, twelve drives in a game,” Chryst said Thursday. “What do you do? You hope that every drive goes your way. But if it doesn’t, how do you respond? There’s an approach you gotta take to the game and to the whole thing. It’s a choice. You can apply that, and I think a lot of guys did.”

No. 18 Wisconsin (2-1) kicks off at Iowa Saturday night at 7:30 on WMSN/Fox 47.