The New East Side

Ai Office Building

Have you heard? The east side is the new downtown — or at least that’s the long-term vision of IA Management.

Until a few years ago, Investors Associated LLP, a Waukesha-based real estate investment organization, relied on third-party management to oversee day-to-day operations of a mixed real estate portfolio that included apartment buildings, office space and single-tenant properties all over the country, including several located right here in the Madison area.

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But in 2015, it set its sights on something bigger: revitalizing Madison’s far east side. Investors Associated purchased the Park at High Crossing office park and set up its own internal property management company, IA Management. Over the past five years, outdated buildings have been updated to fit the needs of today’s modern workforce. In 2018, it completed the construction and development of its first office building at 2323 Crossroads Drive. And it has big plans to develop the vacant land adjacent to the office park with additional office space, apartments and retail.











“We’re creating places where people are proud to live and work,” Rachel Govin, chief operating officer at IA Management said. The east side is especially attractive to employers because of a broader selection, lower rental costs and plenty of open space where they can build to suit their specific needs.

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The office park, which will eventually be connected via new roads to downtown

Madison, is a draw for people of all ages. Millennial workers, families, empty nesters and active seniors can enjoy the urban feel of food trucks, farmers’ markets and fitness centers plus a shorter commute, more convenient parking, lower housing costs and plentiful green spaces and trails.

“IA Management is helping create an environment where it’s more affordable to own a business, to work and to live,” Govin says. “Bringing the lifestyle office park model to the suburbs just makes sense.”