Waukesha’s Jewish community honors victims of Sunday’s parade tragedy

WAUKESHA, Wis. — The Jewish Community of Waukesha set up a 12-foot menorah in front of the Rotunda Tuesday evening in honor of those who were impacted by Sunday’s Christmas parade tragedy.

Levi Stein, who helped organize the event, said it’s meant to help continue the healing process for so many people who are hurting in this tight-knit community.

“Today is about doing something good for someone else, in memory of those precious lives that we lost and in honor of those that are suffering today,” Stein said.

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Stein said it is the first time in history that a menorah has been put on display in this location in Waukesha.

Leaders from different religions, along with families within the community came together to support a sign of religious unity for the second night in a row. On Monday, hundreds gathered at Cutler Park near the end of the parade route to remember the victims.

“This is way beyond any particular view.  This is not political.  This is human and we are coming together,” Stein said.

The Waukesha community is only in the beginning stages of the healing process.

Stein wants the Jewish community of Waukesha to be there to help every step of the way.

“Don’t let the events of these past two days end.  Let’s keep these people’s memories alive.  Let’s do something that’s going to last a lot longer than the news cycle,” he said.

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