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The Employer Group (TEG), a professional employer organization, is in the people business. It should be no surprise that it recognizes the value each employee brings— and shows the same respect and gratitude to its employees as it shows its clients.

With a laser focus on client satisfaction, TEG works with small- to medium-sized companies that want to offload the administrative complexities of employment. “There’s a lot of trust in what we do,” says Luke Anderson, vice president. “We strive to build trust with each individual client, from the owners and directors to the employees.”

TEG offers an array of tailored HR and payroll services to its clients, providing expert support and solutions for everything from employee onboarding to manager and supervisor training, payroll processing, tax filing, benefits administration and management.

In 2016, TEG built its own facility with its employees in mind. It provides staff with plenty of space and natural light, standing desks and a workout facility, and boasts a communal environment with a large employee lounge, complete with a full kitchen and company-provided snacks.

Besides the tangible benefits, TEG provides great professional and personal growth opportunities. TEG’s success relies on each person being committed to the company values and its clients, so staff members are supported in their professional accreditation requirements, offered outside training and have access to a very experienced management team that is held accountable for mentoringnot just managingstaff.

Anderson says employees appreciate how clear the company is about its core values
and are impressed by how it lives them. Whether management is recognizing employee efforts or whether those efforts are celebrated by peers, TEG’s employees show they are all responsible for taking care of each other.

At a Glance:
Company name: The Employer Group

Years in business: 27

Company values: Customer service, teamwork, integrity and success

Company info:
1000 Solar Court,
P.O. Box 930127, Verona