The challenges breweries are facing during government shutdown

The challenges breweries are facing during government shutdown

Full Mile Beer Co. & Kitchen opened for business in Sun Prairie right as the government was shutting down.

“Since we just opened three weeks ago, this is the first time we actually had to file our federal quarterly tax,” said co-owner C.J. Hall.

The IRS is closed due to the shutdown. When Hall had questions about filing taxes for his brewery for the first time, there was no one to answer his questions on the other end.

“I had some questions about it. So I hopped on the website, found the 1-800 number, called and got the recorded message,” Hall said.

Hall said he filed his taxes as best as he could and said, “If they’re wrong, I’m sure someone will tell us at some point.”

In addition to filing taxes, Hall said other breweries are facing the challenge of not being able to get their new labels approved.

While Full Mile Beer Co. & Kitchen doesn’t label or distribute its own bottles, Delta Beer Lab plans to when they open in February.

A representative from Delta Beer lab said, “The Trump shutdown is bad for business, federal employees, and is simply inefficient. We have secured our permit, but are being held up from gaining label approval for packaged product from the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau. We will not be able to sell cans when we open in February.”

Delta Beer Lab is not alone. Breweries across the country have been highlighted in news stories sharing how the shutdown has impacted their ability to sell new products.

All new labels must go through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which is also closed due to the shutdown.

“If it continues, I think the biggest issue I see is it’s going to be the backlog of questions and any sort of taxes being filed,” Hall said.

For now, Hall and many others are playing the waiting game until the government opens again.

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