Terese Zache retires, announces closing of 16-year-old boutique

Women's clothing store will close in late December
Terese Zache retires, announces closing of 16-year-old boutique
Photo Courtesy of Terese Zache Boutique
Terese Zache Boutique takes customers' personal style into consideration, with professional staff including in-house stylists.

Madison native Terese Zache, president of Terese Zache Boutique , announced her upcoming retirement last week, bringing a 40-year career in the fashion industry, and her award-winning women’s clothing shop, to a close.

Zache, a University of Wisconsin–Madison and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, served as president of Terese Zache Designs prior to the inception of her shop. Over 20 years, Zache designed more than 1,500 original pieces, some of which have appeared at high-profile events, including The Grammys, and in the White House. Zache opened her boutique in 2003.

Originally located in Middleton, Terese Zache Boutique moved to Hilldale Mall for nine years before settling at its current location, 7313 West Towne Way, in 2015. The store, which carries European-, Canadian- and American-made collections, celebrated its 16-year anniversary in late September.

The products sold in-store feature international trends tailored to Midwestern sensibilities, and the boutique’s professional style experts help customers find items that fit their needs in-house.

Terese Zache Boutique has actively participated in fundraiser fashion shows, taking part in the Attic Angels Classic Clothing Sale just last September, among others.

In a letter on the store’s website , Zache says the boutique’s lease ended in August, but in order to give customers one final fall season (according to the letter, fall is the boutique staff’s favorite season), the location will remain open until sometime around Dec. 25. While new items made their way into the store until the end of September, sales will continue until all merchandise has gone.