Tennessee movie theater changes ‘Hellboy’ to ‘Heckboy’ on its sign

Tennessee movie theater changes ‘Hellboy’ to ‘Heckboy’ on its sign
Ash Ave. Comics/Twitter via CNN
A Tennessee theater changed the name of the movie "Hellboy" to "Heckboy" on its sign because it's across the street from a school.

A Tennessee movie theater attracted viral attention after it changed ” Hellboy ” to ” Heckboy ” on its sign because it’s across the street from an elementary school.

The owner of The Roxy 8 Movie Theater in Dickson told CNN affiliate WZTV that she never puts words on the sign that could be considered profanity, since young children would see it.

Photos of the theater, an hour outside Nashville, have circulated widely on social media.

” As it turned out, our play on words became a little more exciting than we expected, ” Belinda Daniel told WZTV . ” We are glad that we could share a small bit of our great community while also sharing a laugh with the rest of the world ”

She said she only changed it on the sign. The title remained ” Hellboy ” on the theater’s website and posters in the front of the theater.

The R-rated ” Hellboy , ” based on the Dark Horse comic books, tells of a bright red, muscle-bound half-demon with filed-down horns.

It got a 14% ranking from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but audience reviews were much higher.

The movie ended its run in Dickson on Friday.

The Roxy 8 is showing ” Avengers: Endgame” nine times a day this weekend and “Shazam!” is also playing for those still needing a superhero fix.