Teen arrested and charged for backseat robbery at west side convenience store

Madison Police Daylight

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police say they have arrested a 17-year-old in connection to a robbery in the parking lot of a convenience store on the city’s west side last month.

On September 29, a person who had parked at Kelley’s Market at the corner of S. Gammon Rd. and Schroeder Rd. called police after someone climbed into their back seat, pointed a gun at them, and demanded money. The victim handed over the money before the suspect left the area.

Police say members of the department’s Gang and Neighborhood Crime Abatement Team arrested 17-year-old Kanton K. Catchings earlier this week in connection to the incident. After getting a search warrant for Catchings’ home, police say they found evidence of the robbery, as well as drugs and guns.

Kanton Catchings

Courtesy: Dane County Jail

The police department says the physical evidence they collected is still being processed, but Catchings was charged with felony counts of armed robbery and stealing a vehicle in Dane County Court on Thursday.

Catchings is due back in court next week for a preliminary hearing.