Teachers turn to crowdfunding over bake sales to raise money

Teachers turn to crowdfunding over bake sales to raise money

You could call it the 2015 version of the bake sale, but instead of selling cookies to fund the purchase of school supplies and equipment, teachers are using crowdfunding websites.

“The way budgets are going, any additional resources that we can bring into the classroom are much appreciated,” said Ross Cohen, an information technology teacher at Badger Ridge Middle School in Verona.

Cohen utilized the website, Donorschoose.org to get a 3-D printer and scanner for his students. The cost to purchase the equipment was $2,500. In only 24 hours, donations from all over the country reached the fundraising goal and the 3-D equipment was ordered for the students.

Donorschoose.org is available to any public school teacher.

“I had to write up a little description about my classroom. What we do and what I would use the funds for,” Cohen said.

Once the fundraising goal is met, Donorschoose.org purchases the equipment and sends it directly to the school. The popularity of the website is growing with the success stories.

“I know just within this school Donorschoose.org has been used to fund my 3-D printing equipment. The music teachers have gotten some instruments out of it and the encore department has gotten a whole set of iPads funded,” Cohen said.