Teachers learn how to treat casualties in active-shooter training

District officials hope to have all teachers trained, equipped by end of year
Teachers learn how to treat casualties in active-shooter training

Teachers and staff are training for a disaster to keep kids safe in Janesville. Staff from Craig and Parker high schools learned how to treat causalities in an active shooter situation Wednesday.

Members from Mercy Health System joined Janesville firefighters and police to help train teachers on how to apply pressure bandages and tourniquets in case of an emergency during which medical professionals would not able to get into the school.

“The training offers the opportunity to empower staff with the skills and the tools that they need if we were faced with an emergency situation,” said Yolanda Cargile, director of student services of the Janesville School District.

Cargile said training not only prepares teachers, but adds increased security for parents.

“To build confidence of our parents that if we are faced with an emergency situation, that our staff is equipped with the knowledge to save lives and they have the materials directly in their classrooms,” Cargile said.

All major rooms in every Janesville school will be equipped with casualty care kits, provided through grants from both the state’s supportive school grant and the Janesville generation fund. The kits supplied by Mercy Health System include hemorrhage control supplies and instructions.

“The number one cause of preventable death and trauma is absolutely bleeding. So by addressing that bleeding and addressing that bleeding early within the first moments of the trauma, we increase people’s chances of survival,” said Dr. Christopher Wistrom, from Mercy Health System.

The goal is to have all teachers in the district, including those teaching in private schools to be equipped and trained to use the causality care kits by the end of 2014.