Teacher says their contract was rescinded after staff discovered they support LGBTQ community

Teacher says their contract was rescinded after staff discovered they support LGBTQ community
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A person in Madison is now jobless after a school they were contracted to teach at rescinded their contract after finding out this person supports the LGBTQ community.

This person wished to remain anonymous because they didn’t want this story to interfere with them getting a new job. For purposes of this story, we’re referring to them as Sam.

Sam said they accepted a job and signed a contract to teach at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School. Sam said they grew up Catholic and their entire family is Catholic.

Sam said after the contract was signed, they got a phone call from one of the staff members, asking Sam to schedule a time to meet with the pastor.

Sam said the staff confronted them about an old Facebook photo that had Pride colors in it.

“They asked me about that, and I was like: ‘I will be honest. I do support the LGBT community.’ And what she said then: ‘That’s fine. You’ll have to take it down. We all have our own personal values,'” Sam said.

Sam took the photo down. But as Sam was moving things into their new classroom, a nun approached asking about a bumper sticker on Sam’s car.

“She was like, ‘Oh, do you work here?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah I’m going to be the new third grade teacher.’ She said: ‘Oh, that’s great. I was walking by and I saw your bumper sticker, and it says, ‘America needs nasty women.’ If you’re going to work here, you have to be holy.'”

Sam removed the bumper sticker in compliance with the school’s request. A week later, Sam got a call asking them to meet with the pastor at school.

“They said, ‘We’re rescinding your contract. The priest wasn’t very happy with the LGBT post,'” Sam said.

Sam said even after telling the school they were willing to comply with the rules and keep their support of the LGBTQ community private, Sam is still without a job now.

The school declined an on-camera interview but put out a statement saying: “All teachers in a Catholic school are expected to comport themselves publicly in a way that is consistent with Church moral teachings. Multiple clear indications emerged and were brought to the school’s attention, that the teacher publicly held positions contrary to Church teachings. After consulting with the pastor, the decision was made to rescind/terminate the contract.”

“To be honest, if we’re looking really into the Catholic Church, the Pope has defended the LGBT community,” Sam said.

Sam said after quitting their last job to take this new one, having it taken away is something they are just trying to move forward with. Sam admits that it’s been difficult to accept.

“You can still hold certain values and be part of the Catholic faith and the Catholic community,” Sam said. “So I’m still kind of shocked that it’s 2019 and this is still happening.”

A teacher who signed a contract to work at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School said their contract was terminated after staff found out they supported the LGBTQ community. This person is now without a job. #News3Now pic.twitter.com/BVZfYHFKfR

— Jamie Perez (@JamiePerezTV) August 21, 2019

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