wisconsin legislature

Dems look to restore collective bargaining for educators

The legislation is backed by the Wisconsin Educators Association Council

MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin Democrats are introducing legislation that would bring collective bargaining back to educators. The "Collective Bargaining for Public Educators Act" will give employees…

Wisconsin Supreme Court takes redistricting lawsuit

The Wisconsin state Supreme Court agreed Thursday to review a Dane County judge’s ruling that Republican legislative leaders illegally hired private taxpayer-funded attorneys to represent them in anticipation of legal challenges over redistricting.

Wisconsin Republicans send election bills to governor

The Wisconsin Assembly sent bills to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday that would make it more difficult for the elderly and disabled to cast absentee ballots and prohibit officials from filling in missing information on the envelopes of returned absentee ballots.

Wisconsin bill would tie PFAS grants to lawsuit immunity

The Wisconsin Assembly plans to vote on a bill that would create a new $10 million grant program to help communities clean up contamination from "forever chemicals" known as PFAS but would ban them from suing those responsible for the pollution.

Wisconsin GOP election bills draw bipartisan opposition

The Wisconsin Senate plans to approve bills Wednesday making it more difficult to vote absentee and creating new penalties for violating election law, measures that have drawn bipartisan opposition and are almost certain to be vetoed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.