Local doctors: All unvaccinated people will eventually get some form of COVID

'You can get the vaccine or the virus. There's no third option.'

Dane County doctors say it appears some people believe there are three choices when it comes to COVID: get vaccinated and protect yourself, don't get vaccinated and live your life, or don't get vaccinated, but live cautiously enough to avoid the virus. With the extremely contagious delta variant now the dominant strain in Dane County, local doctors say that third option is not a reality.

2 Ebola patients escape from treatment center in Congo

Two Ebola patients slipped out of a treatment center this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo, aid agency Doctors Without Borders said, raising fears the virus may spread as health officials raced to trace anyone they may have encountered.

UW Scientist Suspends Bird Flu Research

Amid public fear that bird flu viruses will escape a University of Wisconsin-Madison research laboratory, a UW scientist said Friday he is suspending his research for 60 days.Researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center in the…