A new teenage cause: Organ donation

As a 16-year-old in New York state, there are a lot of things I cannot do. I can't join the Army, I can't get a driver's license, I can't vote, and I can't drink. But there's one thing I can do. I can register to become an organ donor, something that before February 14, 2017, no 16-year-old in New York could do. Last year, New York joined 47 other states in the nation that allow 16-year-olds to register as organ donors. Due to the recent legislation from Albany, high schoolers can now help a

UW surgeon transplants kidney back into patient

Emily Young was running out of options and running out of hope. For two years the 15-year-old girl from Georgia and her family visited doctors and medical centers looking for answers to an unbearable pain she was living with.

Teacher donates kidney to first-grade student

An 8-year-old Oakfield girl has received a life-changing gift from a teacher at her elementary school.  Natasha Fuller had a chronic kidney disease that forced her to rely on dialysis.  It prevented a little girl from doing the things in life she wanted.