Keeping heating costs low during the winter

MADISON - Inflation costs and a cold snap to start January could have you paying a significantly higher heating bill. Depending on how you heat your home, you can expect to see your bill go up 30-54% this winter according…

Above-average temperatures possible next week

Snow cover expected to go down next week due to warmer temperatures

Coming off the 12th-coldest November on record in Madison and last winter's bitter cold, a change in the large-scale weather pattern over the continental U.S. will bring a prolonged time period of average to above-average temperatures to the Madison area.

Road construction crews feel the heat of summer

Temperatures in 90s big change from when construction started in February

The heat of a summer sun offers little escape for the people who are working on the miles of roadway currently under construction in Wisconsin.

What Shakespeare has in common with this winter

Subzero temperatures make keeping water troughs for animals full harder

Wisconsin farms and Shakespeare rarely collide in the same sentence, but given the frigid conditions, this could be the "winter of our discontent."

Verona couple returns home to no heat

Gas company estimates delivery to be made in 7 days

Twenty-seven degrees might not sound too bad compared to Monday's weather, but imagine if that was the temperature inside your home, which is the case for one area couple.