tax bill

Trump likely to sign tax bill Friday

President Donald Trump will likely sign the $1.5 trillion tax bill into law Friday, White House officials predict, shortly before he departs Washington for his holiday vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida.

White House, GOP celebrate passing sweeping tax bill

The House of Representatives gave final approval Wednesday afternoon to its major rewrite of the US tax code, the first major legislative accomplishment for congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump this year.

GOP tax bill latest: It's a done deal

The GOP tax bill is a done deal. A minor technical issue (or more accurately, the Senate rules), slowed things up by about 11 hours, but the House will vote to again pass the tax bill, clearing it for the President's signature.

Senate approves GOP tax plan, House to revote Wednesday

In a vote in the early Wednesday morning hours, the Senate approved the final version of the first overhaul of the US tax code in more than 30 years, handing President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans their most significant legislative victory of 2017.

Despite tax win, Hill GOP could be heading for shutdown

Congressional Republicans are cheering a major win as tax reform makes its way through Congress to President Donald Trump's desk but they could be barreling toward a government shutdown at the end of the week because of a major fight between House and Senate GOP lawmakers over Obamacare payments.

Public opposition to tax bill grows as vote approaches

With the House of Representatives set to vote on the Republican tax reform bill Tuesday before sending it to the Senate and then the President's desk for signing on Wednesday, the plan faces growing opposition and a widespread perception that it will benefit the wealthy more than the middle class, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

'Dark money' provision dropped from tax bill

A controversial provision that would have permitted nonprofit groups to enter politics and could have led so-called "dark money" contributions to become tax deductible has been dropped from the GOP tax bill, according to a leading Senate Democrat.

Treasury analysis asserts GOP tax plan would be paid for

With just days to go before House and Senate Republicans want to vote on a final tax bill, the Treasury Department issued a one-page memo outlining its views on the economic growth prospects of the Senate-passed version of the bill.