UW regents blame lack of financial transparency

Committee voted to cut UW budget

Several regents of the University of Wisconsin System say UW officials should have been more transparent about their financial numbers, so lawmakers wouldn't have felt blindsided by news of a cash surplus.

Walker revises UW budget, calls for tuition freeze

UW's $650 surplus to mean spending cuts, governor says

Gov. Scott Walker has submitted a revised budget for the University of Wisconsin System that officially calls for freezing tuition over the next two years and additional spending cuts in light of news the university has a $650 million surplus.

Lawmakers consider how to spend $575M in unexpected revenue

Reps. on both sides eye K-12 funding increase

The state will take in much more money than expected in the next two years. New estimates out Thursday show the budget picture getting much better and lawmakers have to decide what to do with the cash.

GOP blasts UW over tuition surplus

Republican legislators are giving University of Wisconsin System officials a tongue-lashing over a report that shows the system has squirreled away a massive tuition surplus while raising students' rates for years.

Audit results prompt GOP call for UW tuition freeze

A new Legislative Fiscal Bureau report shows the University of Wisconsin System will finish the current fiscal year with nearly $650 million sitting in reserve, including $414.1 million in surplus tuition dollars, prompting calls from Republican legislative leaders for a tuition freeze.