Walker, Supreme Court justice have long history

As Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Bradley has come under fire for provocative writings during her long-ago college years, Gov. Scott Walker has faced questions about whether he knew about them as he appointed her to judgeships three times.

Feingold, Johnson weigh in on Supreme Court vacancy

Whether President Obama or the next president should nominate a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia is suddenly an issue in many Senate races, including the one between U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and challenger Russ Feingold.

Married same sex couple reflects on a decade of debate

For better than a decade, Michael Dodd and Tom Scharbach have lived a life together while watching the nation debate the issue of same sex marriage. Through much of that period of time, they held little hope their relationship would be legally recognized through marriage.

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates square off in debate

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rock County Circuit Judge James Daley says in a debate that his opponent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is an activist judge who puts her "own brand of liberal, extreme political beliefs" above the law and common sense.