18-year-old charged with repeated sexual assault of children

Spring Green woman admits to sexually assaulting girl over 100 times

An 18-year-old Spring Green woman faces prison time for allegedly sexually assaulting two teenagers she regularly had contact with over multiple years, according to a criminal complaint.

Wineke: Review of APT's 'Too Many Husbands'

It is not really easy to stage a comedy that takes place nearly a century before the production.  Comedy tends to be topical, and it is all too easy for yesterday's jokes to fall flat.

Wineke: Review of ‘Dickens in America'

This summer, James Ridge, an APT veteran of 16 seasons, takes the stage in "Dickens in America," a play also written by DeVita that purports to show what Charles Dickens' last performance in America might have been in 1867 had not the famed author taken sick and, instead, spoken in Wisconsin.

Wright visitor center to feature Guerrero photos

Photographer has 20-year association with Wright architecture

The Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center in Spring Green is featuring work by a photographer whose 20-year association with the architect launched his long fine-arts career.

Man accused of 6th offense OWI

A Spring Green man was arrested on suspicion of sixth-offense operating while intoxicated after a traffic stop Saturday, according to the Sauk County Sheriff's Office.