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Walker, conservatives ask Supreme Court to take access case

A conservative think tank and former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a challenge to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ decision to exclude the group’s writers from press briefings, which lower courts have said is legal.

Walker signals support of legislation curbing successor's power

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday attempted to downplay the impact a series of controversial bills would have on his Democratic successor, telling reporters that the measures are not "a fundamental shift in powers" for incoming Gov. Tony Evers.

Foxconn breaking ground on Wisconsin plant

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn breaks ground on a new plant in Wisconsin Thursday after receiving a controversial $4 billion package of tax breaks and other incentives to build there.

Walker warns GOP 'at risk of a #BlueWave'

The Democratic-backed candidate won a seat Tuesday on Wisconsin's Supreme Court, another warning signal for the GOP that led Republican Gov. Scott Walker to tweet that the party is "at risk of a #BlueWave" in November.

Eric Holder group sues Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Eric Holder is defending his anti-gerrymandering organization's decision to file suit against Scott Walker, saying it was meant to compel the Wisconsin governor to "do his job" and hold special elections for two vacant legislative seats.